Monday, June 26, 2006

Old MacDonald had a handle

Dave Barry's been autotranslating his whimsical prose for humorous effect: English-->French-->German-->French-->Greek-->French-->English. Kinda funny:

Among other things, adjectival 'dead' becomes past participle 'died' while still retaining the 'be' auxiliary, and 'Jack Bauer' become 'Bauer-Klinke' ('jack' in the sense of 'socket', my online dictionary tells me -- inverting the headedness of the imaginary compound coz it's coming from French, I guess, though 'jack' doesn't appear in my French dictionaries) then 'La poignée d'agriculteur' ('Klinke' in the sense of 'handle'), then 'The handle of the farmer'. Don't even ask what happens to "Chinese actors who are still ticked off about a subplot from the previous season that most of us don't even remember."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Babelfish still does the "pizza-pie expansion" between English and French. You can try it by translating "pizza pie" into French, then translating the result into English, then back to French and so on, until you see the pattern.

E.g., after a couple of iterations you have "meat pie of meat pie meat meat of meat pie meat of pizza pie". Sounds delicious!

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Margaret said...

At the risk of being boring, I think Klinke = jack is what you stick into a socket - those round metal posts you stick into stereo systems and ipods and so on.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Тука сите ли са тъпи или така ми се струва. Как точно разбрахте, че децата са мангалчета?! Второ - никое нормално дете не се впечатлява от забранителни табели и никой родител не може да го спре. Държавата веднага трябва да се погрижи за охрана на мястото - 4 ма пенсионери по 150 лева - това е цената на някой детски живот.

Няма да се уморя да повтарям, че си византийски агент-провокатор и колкото по-бързо освободиш държавата ми от присъствието си - толкова по-добре.

10:20 AM  

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