Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Speaking of euphoniously named people, I can't resist noting that the only other Heidi Harley in the world that I know of has managed to teach a dolphin to reproduce the theme from 'Batman'. No, really! At this version of the story, there's even a link to an audio file, though I haven't been able to connect to it yet (it just gives me 'access denied').

Actually, it really seems to be about proving that dolphins can recognize and reproduce rhythms independently of pitch or tempo. Judging from the first quote in the ABC article, it's even maybe supposed to be about showing that humans' language-and-music skills are not species-specific, and hence might be an entry on the anti-innatism side of the great divide. Or something. Must remember to take the journalistic version of the research with a grain or lick of salt.

I look forward to many years of being asked about this by people who think I'm that Heidi Harley. I've got to work up a story to tell.


Blogger fretman said...

It is interesting to be able to search names on the internet! I was looking to read more about the singing dolphins only to find out I have two potential cousins named Heidi!
Scott Harley

4:16 PM  

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